About CHCH Pride

Christchurch Pride is a non-profit volunteer group that has been around since the early 2000’s, but took a break after the 2011 earthquakes which changed our city forever. In 2013, a small group of pro-active residents saw a real need to try and reunite our fractured community after many of our venues and groups had been lost. Over the past few years, Christchurch Pride has slowly been rebuilding community spirit in conjunction with many community organisations, and with the invaluable support of volunteers, venues and local businesses.

Our mission with the annual Pride Week is to bring together the diverse groups within our larger LGBTI* population, and celebrate our pride and the unique resilience of Christchurch. Most Pride week events are run by groups who have formed around certain ideas or sections of our community, such as Christchurch Bears, Agender, or the youth-focused Qtopia. Pride Week coordinates these group-run events into a lineup of varied entertainment, and the funds raised for these non-profits goes back into serving the community through their ongoing efforts.

Additionally, Christchurch Pride organises some larger-scale events where we can all celebrate together, including the Pride week Homopalooza party. As of 2016, all the Pride-organised events are completely inclusive and not targeted to any subset of the community. These events are an opportunity to enjoy being a part of the spectrum of amazing people within the LGBTI* world, and to party in a safe and supportive environment.

We actively seek out and invite community groups and non-profits to take part in the annual Pride celebration by running events. If you’re part of a local non-profit group who want to run an event as part of Pride, message our community co-ordinator, Akira, through our contact form, email, or via Facebook.